Vinh Le's Bio

Solarium Network

Vinh has been relevantly involved in the Network Marketing Industry since 1998. Since 2009, Vinh’s dream is to be able to civically help the individuals succeed in the industry by way of professionally building Network Marketing Downlines for individuals – Worldwide. Hence, teamed up and valuably organized The Special Marketing Elites within: Solarium.Network.

By effectively collaborating and uniting all marketing forces (both human and Artificial Intelligence) as a ONE-Unit-Team/System, will yield “Consistent-Duplication” for Network Marketing. Which will be the first of its kind for the industry and for the purpose of empowering the Solarium Member.

Collectively, Solarium Network has almost a century of seasoned internet & marketing experiences. With interconnecting Network(s), and (networks of networks), and the Big Data infrastructure; the Solarium Elite Team are connected to many millions of active networkers. The Solarium mission is to deliver systematic success for the individual, and to be beyond their expectations.

Solarium wishes to be a Civic Blessing to the individual, so that the collective individual(s) who become successful – can be a Blessing to the Nation(s). The Mission of Solarium is to financially set people free – Worldwide.

In closing, Vinh emphasizes that the old ineffective and current failing ways of Network Marketing – does not work and is frankly harmful to the individuals and needs to be abolished.

And That The New Way of Network Marketing Shall Now Begin With Solarium.Network

Welcome to the Evolution…