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Solarium.Network (“Solarium”) is a Dynamic Marketing & Consulting Company.

Solarium is in the business of building Network Marketing downlines for individuals Worldwide.

100% TurnKey & Automated

The flagship technology within Solarium is an integrated:
Artificial Intelligence (“A.i.”) Call Center and Big Data infrastructure.
This main component (aka: “A.i. Telemarketing” operations) is called:
Solarium Artificial Intelligence (“SAi”).

Coupled with The latest in IBM™ Watson and Amazon™ Alexa technology, you can unleash The “SAi Army” of virtual assistants that sell, recruit, and convert for your business … 24 hours a day … 7 days a week.

Collectively, Solarium proprietary systems yield “Systematic-Duplication” for its Members and synergistically and directly empowers qualified 3rd-Party MLM companies.  Arguably, Solarium provides the most valuable service for the network marketing industry today.

Save Time and Money.

Dramatically increase your Network Marketing success by engaging Solarium to Professionally build your Downline for you now.

``While everyone else is trained to look for work;
The richest people in the world build Networks.``

-Robert T. Kiyosaki
Billionaire & Author of: “Rich Dad/Poor Dad”

Meet: “The Elite Marketing Team of Solarium”

Mr. Michael Glaspie “Mike G”
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Solarium Artificial Intelligence (“SAi”)

Mr. Vinh Le
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Take advantage of the secrets these companies use to generate Billions in profits!
Now, Artificial Intelligence with our Intelligent Conversational Algorithm™ and Digital Footprint Retargeting™, We Can Deliver The Same Amazing Results To YOU…
Without The Overhead, Staffing Issues, or Turnover!

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The Biggest Discovery in Network Marketing

Video Part 2:

The Biggest Solution for Network Marketing

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