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"The most civic company for the network marketing industry"

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"While everyone else is trained to look for work;
The richest people in the world build Networks."

-Robert T. Kiyosaki
Billionaire & Author of: "Rich Dad/Poor Dad"

Meet: "The Elite Team of Solarium Network"

Mr. Michael Glaspie "Mike G"

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Mr. Michael Glaspie "Mike G" has been online since 1998 "the dawn of the Internet".

Mike is arguably the Biggest Internet Marketing Guru in the World with hundreds of thousands of members in his network. Mike is the first marketer to have sponsored over 5,000 members personally. Mike is a close Friend of Chairman Vinh and is civically serving Solarium Network International as its Supreme Marketing Consortium.

Mrs. Jane Mark

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Meet Jane Mark, a pocket dynamo who has a typical New York attitude.

"Don't tell me how hard it is or how much effort it will take, get it done."

Jane has extensive knowledge of peoples' needs and behavior patterns having received her Masters in Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York and a BA from Brandeis University in Massachusetts. This training and her extensive business background have given Jane a unique perspective into both doing business on the internet and discovering what people want by asking the right kinds of questions.

Jane is the author of 4 successful ebooks and has a large following of over six figures population in her network. Jane has United with Solarium Network International to serve towards its very civic mission.

Mr. Vinh Le

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Vinh has been relevantly involved in the Network Marketing Industry since 1998. Vinh's Dream is to be able to civically help the individual succeed in the industry by way of professionally building the individual's Network-Downline for them - Worldwide. Hence, teamed up and valuably organized all of the above Elites as Owners within: Solarium Network to yield the most effective and Superior result by Uniting all of their marketing forces as a ONE Unit Team.

Collectively, Solarium Network has over 90 years of seasoned internet & marketing experiences. Which is all harnessed for the specific purpose of organizing and empowering the Solarium member.

With interconnecting Network(s), (and networks of networks); the Solarium Elite Team are connected to many millions of active networkers. Our mission is to deliver systematic success for the individual, and to be beyond their expectations.

Solarium wishes to be a Civic Blessing to the individual, so that the collective individual(s) who become leaders - can be a Blessing to the Nation(s). The Mission of Solarium is to financially set people free - Worldwide.

In closing, Vinh emphasizes that the old ineffective and current failing ways of Network Marketing - does not work and is frankly harmful to the individual - and needs to be abolished. And That The New Way of Network Marketing Shall Now Begin With Solarium.


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The Solarium Company and its Purpose is Genuinely Civic. Solarium's "Role" in your life is essentially to be The Unprecedented "Upline" for you and for your Team.

So the first "ingredient" required for the Solarium system starts with the ELITE Team of Solarium. The main difference is that obviously - we are not "ordinary" marketers. Importantly, the Elites of Solarium are self "made" people. They do not "need" the immediate money and are ABLE to be 100% Civic without negative motives.

The second ingredient requires that the Elites genuinely WANT to give back BY WAY OF: spending our own moneys and spending our own energies with our marketing expertise to generate and/or close leads & prospects to convert them into Solarium PSPs (Personally Sponsored Persons); and then reassign them to YOUR downline team - at NO COST to you!

Emphasis; In the Network Marketing Industry, we have all heard the statement "your Upline will help you". Well, traditionally, most people want to help others, but there is no existing structure in place to help people efficiently. For example, if your Upline sponsors a "John Doe", that action takes AWAY from your market. Meaning, that "John" will most likely NOT be part of your network, nor will that "John" benefit you per any fast start commissions, etc. And please do not think that a "spill" in that realm means anything. A "spill" in that scenario really means nothing or a facade of value (Especially if the MLM program has certain "qualification" requirements). Further, when the MLM company reports that they are "exploding" in a certain country or market...I am here to tell you that it is NOT a good thing for you! It simply means that YOUR potential market is now absorbed by the company! So, WHY ARE YOU SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT???

Solarium wants to help stop the industry from "misleading" you with false hype and facades!

In Solarium, the situation is completely different. When WE sponsor "John Doe", we will actually REASSIGN him to be under YOUR account (as if you sponsored "John" yourself)! So a "SPILL" within Solarium is of pure civic energies and of the highest value. Because in the Solarium scenario, YOU get the "Fast Start" commissions/Bonuses, Residual, etc. from that action.

From an analogy standpoint,"SOLARIUM" was named and non-arbitrarily created to embrace Mother Nature's "photosynthesis" process; and much like the sun giving its ray of loving energies towards a flower that can eventually bloom. It is important that you understand that this is the civic "one way" energy that is required for you to grow, prosper, and duplicate.

Again, Solarium CAN help you because we are ABLE to and WANT to. The Civic Force of Solarium gives the "photosynthesis "energy to you, and your entire Network.




Solarium will be your Unprecedented Support Center to empower your Network Marketing Business. We as a company have endorsed "GBO" to be the main business model for Solarium to power. "GBO" is an unsecured lender and financing entity that will be integrated with Solarium, and can fund your way into Solarium Networks qualified MLM programs. Importantly; after you enlist and Register with Solarium; you will be able to securely register with GBO via your Solarium back office. For your convenience, the registration form of GBO will be pre-filled with your Solarium member data. Solarium members will also be able to complete any and all applicable: Financing Application, Funding Distribution Agreement, etc. - via the Solarium back office as well. Solarium members will be prompted accordingly. *NOTE: This convenient function within Solarium is because Solarium has programming cooperation with GBO corporate. Our Visions have United.



Once your Solarium account is finalized, and you have fully engaged with GBO by completing all the necessary docs with GBO; you will be placed into GBO and in the same position of your Solarium structured network. In other words, GBO will mirror your same position and network in Solarium. Your Network of Solarium will follow you into GBO accordingly.



Solarium, will continue to Build your network for you, by way of generating PSPs and then reassigning them to you Ongoing - and at - NO COST - to you. Further, if for any reason one of your PSP account in your Network becomes inactive, Solarium by system design - will replace (or "patch up") that inactive PSP account with a new and active/Paid PSP. We will continue to build your Network on a Left to Right, top to bottom basis and progressively "patch up" any and all weak areas of the entire Network.



Traditionally, when a 3rd party MLM company gets compromised or goes out of business; you will lose your entire network that you have built - and you will have to start all over. Not with Solarium; because within the diversified business model, there will be multiple MLM companies we will be engaged in together. Since we are engaged as a One-Unit Team, if in the event any one of the diversified MLM companies gets compromised or go out of business, as a ONE UNIT TEAM, we simply "SWAP" the next 5-Star rated MLM company (that is waiting in line). There are many 5-Star Rated MLM companies out there. They are a dime-a-dozen. However, there is only ONE Solarium.

Solarium is here to serve you with a civic purpose. We will be proud - only when you achieve sustainable and stabilized success.

"Photosynthesis" Energy to you and your network.



This new and amazing website is under construction.
When Solarium goes live, the following is what you can expect;

You will be notified via Email to visit the Solarium site and confirm your account.

You will be prompted to identify your original sponsor if your sponsor is not identified. This matter is important. Because your network is to be permanent.

You will be prompted to inform us if you are a USA member, or a non USA member. This will categorize the matrix accordingly.

Importantly, you will be prompted to confirm if you are "Active" upon logging in for the first time. This is important because within 5 business days of the first notice, we will compress the Solarium matrix and any account that is NOT active will be removed. There will be no exceptions as we cannot allow any further delays so that full marketing can deploy. So please make sure you stay close to your emails and your Upline sponsor to be closely informed when Solarium does go live.

Remember, our Elites and I are not receiving the typical "fast start" commission as we reassign our PSPs generated to YOUR account (because you will get the fast start commissions!). SO... Solarium cannot achieve success or revenues until YOU achieve success first. Hence, we want to MOVE QUICKLY upon going live - so that we can build YOUR NETWORK - ASAP

"Elite Team": (MikeG, Jane Mark, Vinh Le), are ALL officially on board and United on the very civic mission of Solarium! For perhaps the first time in the history of Network Marketing, we are NOT going to charge you for the unprecedented service of Generating and: REASSIGNING: Personally Sponsored Persons or "PSPs" generated by us to YOUR Solarium account, and for all Solarium members!

The $60,000 Dollar QUESTION is: Why are only "FOUR" Elites needed to change your life? Well, it is simple. On the internet today, everyone including YOU are a part of a large list or Network. Just go UP within 5 levels or so and either you will bump into MikeG, Jane Mark, or Vinh! Or more than one of us

So just between us "Fantastic FOUR", plus of course each Elite and I have our own Marketing "Special Forces"; plus the powerful existence of the civic Solarium company; further encompassed with the "No Money Out Of Pocket" business model; headed by Vinh's Leadership and content writing strength; we more than strongly feel that we will convert more people and faster than ever before ... FOR YOU.

To make it go even FASTER;

Solarium will only operate on a donations basis. Even then, this is voluntarily and AFTER we have helped you achieve success - first!

If you are not a Solarium Member; you can Register as a new Solarium member. You can generate your Solarium - Replicated Link during your registration process with Solarium. After you have successfully registered, your Replicated Link will automatically be displayed and will be visible in your Solarium back office.

NOTE: When the Solarium site initially goes live, the site content and design will be substantially complete. However, the website will take approximately another 10 business days to be completely stabilized in terms of the rest of the website, back office features, and optimized content, etc.

Once everything is in order, Solarium will deploy and fully launch unprecedented marketing. All Elites (Vinh Le, Mike G, Jane Mark) of Solarium will deploy. All Leaders and Affiliates of TeamVinh will also deploy. And in parallel, a -paid- professional Advertising contract with a top 10 national marketing agency will deploy for the Solarium company itself. This will involve high end SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, FaceBook Ads, CPA advertising, and much more.

Due to the nature of the unprecedented business model with the Funders (example: "GBO"), we are able to provide to you valuable Solarium services on a NO COST up front basis to you. That means we will directly assist you to build your downline professionally by way of Reassigning our Personally Sponsored Persons ("PSPs") that we generate to YOUR account. Each PSP that is reassigned to you will ultimately be funded to engage in YOUR downline at the top level of the approved money making companies that is within GBO and/or the likes.
Solarium will be performing this unprecedented service for you ongoing - until you achieve success.

Solarium is Civic. Solarium will empower you like never before.

Again, you will be notified when Solarium goes live. So please make sure you are on the email list. Please enter your Name and Email address at the top of this page;

Please also make sure you "WHITELIST" the following emails:

  1. Info@Solarium.Network
  2. Support@Solarium.Network

Thank you for your cooperation.

-Solarium Network International


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